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BIOPAMA is an initiative of the ACP group of States financed by the European Union jointly implemented by International Union of Conservation of Nature(IUCN) and the joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JCR). The BIOPAMA project in Zambia aimed at Enhancing Governance of Cbnrm for a Better Conservation and Social Outcome in Zambia addresses priorities for improved management and governance of bio diversity and natural resources including the providing and assessing supportive tools. The project supports protected areas at all cost levels through the provision of service and tools and capacity development as well as opportunities for site level activities. To understand the Project the aim has been defined


 legislation Experience in Zambia thus far, suggests that the potential for CBNRM achieving its objectives is high. The Biopama Project will be selecting tools and methodologies for assessing and strengthening good governance ,social impact and protected area management. The term Governance can be understood as interactions among structures, processes and traditions that determine how power and responsibilities are exercised, how decisions are taken and how citizens or other stakeholders have their say (Graham 3 et al., 2003:2,3).The Site Level Assessment  for Governance and Equity(SAGE) and Governance Assessment for Protected Areas(GAPA) are the two tools which the will use in the 6 GMAs.

Mumbwa GMA, 4094; Namwala GMA, 4093; Mafunta GMA, 555626090; Chiawa GMA, 62095; Rufunsa GMA, 303859; Luano GMA, 4095.

  • Enhance the management and governance of priority protected areas by addressing existing limitations (strengthening on-site infrastructure/equipment for patrolling, poaching control, developing capacity of staff).
  • Support local communities’ initiatives aiming to enhance the livelihoods of local people whilst effectively contributing to protected areas management.

Game management areas (GMAs) are protected areas in communally owned lands that make up more than 70% of the total protected area in Zambia. Overall governance of GMAs has been in decline, reflected in an increased rate of habitat loss, land disputes and declining wildlife populations. This has serious consequences for conservation in Zambia. The project will address tackle key governance challenges at GMAs including issues related to benefit sharing, accountability, rights recognition, participation in decision-making, gender equality, transparency and information sharing, and law enforcement.

  • Stakeholders of six game management areas (GMAs) in Zambia will plan and effectively implement priority actions to strengthen governance. This will include activities such as stakeholder action planning workshops, communication of assessment results and action plans, implementation of specific priority actions, peer-to-peer exchanges with other GMAs, regular monitoring of progress, and governance capacity building for community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) based on needs assessments.
  • Stakeholders of four game management areas (GMAs) in Zambia will complete governance assessments for deeper analysis of governance challenges and identifying site-specific actions.
  • Learning on strengthening community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) governance will be shared within Zambia and more widely across Africa, with substantial capacity building in governance assessment. Activities towards this will include establishing and facilitating a CBNRM governance strengthening learning group, the publication of a report on governance assessment for CBNRM, a policy briefing on why governance should be at the heart of conservation, a guidebook for strengthening CBNRM governance, and presentations of project learnings on improving governance in CBNRM at relevant national, regional and global events.

International Institute for Environment and Development; Zambia Community-Based Natural Resource Management Forum


          Implemented Activities  

  • The Project inception meeting which communicated the objectives and introduced the tools to all the stakeholders related to all the 6 areas of operation
  • Successfully held Four SAGE-Assessments and two GAPA Assessments.
  • Launching of the First Learning group Activity was done successfully done
  • Law Enforcement Manual Practical Guide Developed and Training successfully done
  • Introduction to CBNRM Governance report underway and these are Publications
  • Action Plans for all 6 GMAs in Project sites done
  • Support for Action to selected Prioritized Actions